On this week's Urly Show, we were joined by the lovely and hilarious Sarah Walker of Best Week Ever (her male co-bloggers Noah and Dan were here just a couple of weeks ago).

Reader Brandon from upstate New York took a shot at this week's tl;dr quiz. He is a professional Twitter...er, with a following of almost 900,000 people! WHAT THE WHAT?!

In A Word From Our Spammers, this week's SPAM of choice wasn't for a web site or a product! It was, apparently, advertising something from an Internet where domains start with "vvvvvv." So...okay!

And in this week's FW:FW:FW: segment, we...are going...to...Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoops, no, we're not (sorry, us!), but the 300 lucky people in attendance at the premiere for Oprah's final season are, and the clip from the show of Oprah -- at her most Oprah-est, screaming like a banshee while ladies in jewel tones and dangly earrings lose their minds -- making the announcement went viral this week, sandwiched between the popular Getting Oprahfied and Faces of the Last Season of Oprah by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon blogger Sara Schaefer. If this is how Oprah starts her final season, we're going to be seeing a lot more of her on the web!

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