With a bit of free time, some creative flair, and a butt-load of sand, almost anything can be brought to life as a sandcastle. We all made sandcastles as kids, but the people who built these amazing sand sculptures have taken things to a whole new level.

Check out this collection of the most fantastic sandcastles ever constructed and feast your eyes on everything from Rapunzel to Darth Vader.

Bridge over (not-so-)troubled water.

Whoa...that boat is TINY!

Three drip tower sandcastles.

A nigh-impenetrable fortress.

Rapunzel was a blond, after all.

Uh oh...is King Neptune going to crush the castle?

This is actually four times bigger than a real Smart Car.


Is he talking about bears or his fellow grains of sand?

Sand Vader.

Solve this one, Mulder and Scully, if you're so clever.

Amazing arches.

Ironically, waves will wipe this radio out of existence.

Her brother Timmy is trapped in the mine shaft!

A cave woman and her super genius dome-headed baby.

Whoa. Just whoa.

Looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid has made as comeback.

A di-vine sandcastle.

He's upset because he can't find predator.

Being buried up to the neck could ruin anyone's day.

More amazing arch work.

Looks like he's tired from all the castle-building. Wearing a suit of armor while you do it doesn't help.

A dinosaur drip tower.

Where are we going to find a sand plumber on a public holiday?

Jeez - intricate enough for you?