You can vend pretty much anything nowadays - especially in Japan, where you can get your hands on anything from eggs to iPods with the press of a button. It's surprising that they don't have a vending machine that sells smaller vending machines. Now that would be meta. Check out this list of the weirdest vending machines and plan for those future purchases!

Gotta vend 'em all!

iPaid way too much for this.

Everyone's dream combination.

The annual vending machine convention.

Yes please.

The logistics of this boggle the mind.

Meg Ryan loves vending machine coffee.

Vending the greatest colas of Mark Twain.

Wow, a frozen hot menu. How do they do it?

Holy vending machine, Batman!

So it's safer to put the iPods in easily rollable balls?

Fresh bread. In a vending machine.

Napoli's best!

Vend-dogs! Get your vend dogs!

Very clever, IKEA...

This machine is for condom.

Not doing so well. Poor Kodak.

Can I vend some ketchup with that?

These must be popular.

A vending machine for hypodermic needles...What a fantastic idea!

Yo dawg, I heard you like charging, so I put a charger in this vendor so you can charge while I charge.

Pfft, who needs 5th Ave?

Why vend a chicken when you can vend the eggs for...less.

A vending machine for shee--er--popcorn.

The mother of all vending machines.

The pun alone is worth $10.

A match made in heaven.