If you love cats, ask yourself this question: is a fat cat in a pot cooler than a cat sliding across the floor on a box? Annie the cat and her headfirst-into-a-pot antics are forcing the internet to consider that question today. She's cute, but does she have the je ne sais quoi of our box-sliding, cat-tournament-winning little pal, Maru?

Watch Annie's videos and decide for yourself. Her first attempt to enter the pot was a fail, but it's one of the cutest fails ever. Her second attempt succeeded, but it doesn't show her adorable face. I recommend watching both to comprehend the true essence of Annie.
Annie: Attempt #1
Annie: Attempt #2
Is Annie the new Maru?
Yeah! Pots are better than boxes any day!85 (46.4%)
Nope. She's a pretender. Maru 4eva!98 (53.6%)