Sometimes people's fascination with video games stretches into the real world. We don't just want to control our favorite characters on-screen, we want to be them! And we want to put it on YouTube!

The lengths people will go to when it comes to building real-world versions of video games are utterly impressive, from coordinating hundreds of people into a human Pac-Man maze to building a physical Tetris machine.

Here are five classic games acted out or recreated in real life.
Human Pac-Man
This recent video inspired our list of real-life games. A whole bunch of people in an auditorium form a physical Pac-Man map, and then recreate an actual game, ghosts and all. Extremely impressive!
Remi Gaillard's Mario Kart
French prankster Remi Gaillard created this live-action version of Mario Kart, driving his go-kart on the street with real cars. It's probably the best-known video game reenactment on the web, with nearly 30 million YouTube views.
Remi Gaillard's Pac-Man
Long before the recent Human Pac-Man video, Remi Gaillard and friends dressed up as Pac-Man and the ghosts, and ran around stores, a bar, and a golf course. The resulting video has 16 million YouTube views to date.
Analog Tetris
And you thought Tetris was tough on a Game Boy! Check out this analog version, where you have to arrange actual pieces as they fall. Kind of reminds me of bowling before the automatic pin-setter was introduced ... the technologically-enhanced version is better.
Mario in Real Life
In a real life performance at Gordon College, this crowd-pleasing Mario interacted with some moving scenery, collecting coins and using pipes. Wait for the invincibility star at about 4 minutes in... the audience goes NUTS.