Oh, Oprah, what were you thinking, encouraging us to paste our faces onto your body with your new Oprah-fy Yourself site? You know we're just going to Oprah-fy a bunch of internet memes that you'd never want to see yourself associated with.

Okay, Oprah, here's who we wish you would have on your hugely influential show. We know it's never going to happen, so we've settled for tricking them out in 25 years of your questionable hairstyles.
Oprah once got trolled by 4Chan, who convinced her that Pedobear (see our complete guide) was the name of a network of organized child molesters. Oprah would be pretty horrified to see this, then ...
Antoine Dodson
The famous star of the Bed Intruder Song has been all over TV, but he's never been on Oprah. Well, now he's at least been awkwardly pasted onto Oprah's body.
Jessi Slaughter
Jessi Slaughter, the pre-teen who made outlandish threats of violence on YouTube, and then got trolled by basically the whole internet, would have made a perfect Oprah guest. Unfortunately, she only made it as far as Good Morning America. We can't fix that, but we can Oprah-fy her.
Make Your Own
Oprah-fy your own memes and post them in the comments. We'll put the best ones in a new post, or on one of our many social networks.

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