Before we were adults with access to credit cards, paychecks and virtually unlimited candy, we had to rely on our parents to dress us. 'My Mom Loves Chanel' is a single topic Tumblr that collects submitted photos of the embarrassing results. If you were a kid in the fashion wasteland of the '80s, you'll be able to relate.

You'd make that face, too, if your mom dressed you that way.

Seriously, mom? None of the other kids dress like this when they carry their buckets!

Why wear one good shirt when you can stitch together two bad ones?

Mom, these yellow pants looked better before you cut them off and added suspenders.

Halloween costume? Nah, this is my school picture outfit.

The cape is there to keep you from staring at the goofy underwear.

That's a heck of a vest, kid. Heck of a vest.

This time, the suspenders are part of the shirt.

Big shoes, big shoulders.

Actually, I can't find anything wrong with this one.