computer rage
Have you ever looked at YouTube's new "Highest Rated Comments" feature? It showcases highly "liked" comments at the top of each video's comment thread. Everyone really hates them because they encourage trolling and seem to be broken.

Worst of all, these comments are almost universally retarded. And almost everything includes some variation of "wtf it looks liek 79 peopl missed the like button lol"

Read on to see what I mean.
Rihanna - 'Hard'
The odd thing is, the Highest Rated Comments don't seem to be just about popularity. The placement appears to be affected by timing. Highest rated comments seem to be more recent, even if they have relatively few "Likes." For example, this video for Rhianna's "Hard" has over 28 million views, but its Highest Rated Comments only have eight and three likes, respectively.

roylarth writes:
WTFFF! Rihana so hot, damm! oh, and the song is good P:

Security Guard Fail
I've collected some Highest Rated Comments from this month's most viewed YouTube videos. Join me on a harrowing journey.

flanrks15 writes:
i wud take that gun if i was ther

Indian Pole Gymnastics
You can see his willy @ 1:01 when he is breathing.

@rushton2 OMG true, you must have your eyes VERY well trained for that

LOL Good catch though, now try to find me another second or two with the second hunkylicious guy :P

'Last Exorcism'
That's actually pretty good advertising for the movie!!!

Ke$ha - 'Take It Off'
thumbs this comment if you think kesha looks better with her hair straighten.!

!!thumps up if ud like to f--- ke$ha!!!

Jared Even - 'I'm in Love With You'
This song is awesome, a mix of hip hop and rock! This ish is on another level!
McNugget Rage Fail
lmao 5 nigguhs cant handle 1 white women

Jawan Harris - 'Nobody'
To the 271 people that disliked this. You must be either deaf, stupid, or too obsessed with Justin Beaverface. He will be way better then Justin will ever be, and will most likely have a better career than Justin. Thumbs up if you agree. :D
Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj - 'It Ain't The End'
I was so freaking worried about the world ending, thank god Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj convinced me it wasnt going to end and I can just go out and party. XD I dont know what the world would do without these two,
Elephant Fail
i used to think elephants were cool..

Jan Brewer Speech Fail
I have read that everyone in Arizona is crazy and full of hate.

Then I saw this video....


Arizona and Texas should secede from the Union. Better yet, they should be kicked out. Go to war with them if that's what it takes to kick them out.
Pianist Liu Wei
It's ok to be armless, at least Liu Wei Can hold his head high and say, I will live well and do my utmost. But there are still people who are heartless, worst still, brainless!!!! to give such cruel and hurting remarks/comments about Liu Wei. Wish you were in his condition! I wonder why you people can still exist in this world, poor devils. God Bless your souls if you still have any. Especially the 58 viewers who gave the thumbs down too.
Elisany Silva - Tall Girl
yall talking about her being too hot and that she would be a great wifey for a basketball player but u are forgeting that she's just 14.she has few more years to grow and develop and let's hope that it won't affect her height anymore 'cause that will not only ruin her dreams to be a model but it will affect her health.Anyway,that girl is beautiful and don't call her AVATAR or make unappropriate stupid jokes about her 'cause she didn't choose to be that way.
3 Year Old Walks in on Parents Having Sex
@Joetheengineer dude,reprodusing IS the meening of life,dont get mad at people for enjoing it.

Kids who know about sex and its downs and ups have the right to do what they please.

The human body is made to be able to reproduse at the age of 12,


thank you.
@shumugga Lecture? U mean like what ur doing?

U are way too young to know or understand the TRUE history of that word & when it really started.

Advice: grow up, stay in school, then come correct so that u don't make an obvious fool of yourself about something u have shown u clearly know nothing about. If u did know & understood it, u would have never said that

Plus, u forgot that this is YOUTUBE? In AMERICA we have freedom of speech, but u probably didnt know that either I assume?

'Bed Intruder' Feat. Hayley Williams
this sounds like some scooby doo music xD

Free Fall Shot
I feel so cool because I live in Birmingham so I have been to Alabama adventure (used to be visionland) a lot. I feel like a part of this even though I'm not haha