Mad Men? More like Sad Men! Don Draper wept in last week's episode -- I won't spoil why -- and it struck a chord with viewers who are accustomed to Draper's uber-manly image. Of course, the internet was more interested in how hilarious a frame of Jon Hamm bawling can be.

Sad Don Draper is the latest crasher/photobomber meme (like Crasher Squirrel or Chubby Bubbles Girl), and he's been pasted into a whole litany of sad situations. Sad Don Draper cries at Up! Sad Don Draper cries at The Notebook! Sad Don Draper cries at a picture of a sad kitty!

So much for your sex symbol, America. The internet has reduced him to a weepy baby ... until next week, when he'll probably be back to drinking like a fish and romancing ten ladies.

Check out our Sad Don Drapers below, and grab the transparency to make your own.
Don Draper Cries At Bambi
Don Draper Cries Because Firefly Is Cancelled
Don Draper Cries Because He'll Never Have a Chance With Portia DiRossi
... or Ellen. (Also, because their wedding was so beautiful.)
Don Draper Cries At Little Women
Make Your Own!
Here's the transparency. Just download it and paste it into a sad scene of your choice. Post your best in the comments!