football star ray lewis riding a rocket-powered bird in space
After letting the Old Spice Guy ads with Isaiah Mustafa gracefully fade away into a manly, fresh-smelling sunset, the ad-masters at Wieden + Kennedy are back with a new Old Spice commercial. In this one, Ray Lewis (a football guy from the Baltimore Ravens) rides a rocket-powered raven into space.

The YouTube caption says it all: "Which planet is the one with the rings around it? Anyways, that is the planet that Ray Lewis annihilated on his quest to destroy body odor."

Is blowing up Saturn enough to make Ray Lewis the new Old Spice Guy? Is being on a rocket-bird as good as being on a horse? Is the raven now diamonds? I think this ad raises more questions than it answers. Check out the ad and tell me if you think it's a worthy successor.