every meme of the summer in one pic
Just when you thought the Sad Keanu meme was dead, it's back from the grave thanks to a new paparazzi image of the internet's favorite actor. This time, Keanu was caught celebrating his 46th(!) birthday with a single tiny cupcake.

Was this an intentional clever stunt by Keanu? After all, he has commented on the Sad Keanu meme (even it was just to say "I'm not sad"), so it makes sense that he would pull this off to parody himself. Maybe I'm giving Keanu too much credit, though, and the internet meme machine just got lucky with this new photo.

Whatever the situation, Birthday Keanu has inspired a whole new series of mashups with previous Keanu pics and the rest of this summer's hottest memes. Mega-meme overload insanity is GO!

Birthday Keanu

Keanu Party!

Nihilius, Reddit

Keanu Meets The Bubbling Trend


The Meme Team Rolls Out

Can you identify all the memes in this one?

Reddit, micah1_8

Meme Overload!