wendy's superbar
After spending four years working in fast food, I knew an all-you-can-eat buffet at a Wendy's was never going to work for long. Americans are too disgusting for it to be profitable for Wendy's. Salad, pasta, pizza and tacos. Shove as much as you can fit down your greasy gullet for under four American dollars.

One Facebook group is trying to bring it back with over 600 fervent members. The wall is full of praise for the Superbar, but most of them look like this:
Oh my god this looks amazing I NEED IT NOW FGSFDS

After the jump, Wendy's Superbar commercials from the 80s, so the kids know what they're missing.
Salad from Selena, Fettucini by Frank and Tortillas by Teresa.
All the pizza you can eat, and all the Pepsi you can drink for $3.99.