What's creepier than a dilapidated, moth-eaten doll with only half its face still painted on? One with a hinged jaw and strings to make it imitate the motions of a living thing, of course.

Here are 34 creepy puppets to remind you of all the fright-nights spent in Grandma's house with a blanket covering her scary "toy" collection.

Two generations of 'get that away from me.'
God, please don't let it talk.
Possession, then a sock in the chops.
Put it down, for God's sake.
It looks like it's for sale. Or maybe they're paying someone to take it.
Oh, come on. This one is just trying to be messed up.
Inside is the actual skeleton of a dead mouse.
The creepy classic.
Drag Obama and...catduck?
Dream of Lady Elaine tonight, kiddies.
This puppet looks dead, which kind of ruins the illusion.
How did he get so bony and yet so potbellied?
Postulating about his own creepiness, no doubt.
This one would definitely work for voodoo.
What?! I don't even...
It's like a depressed Jack Black.
Look at that delicious oatmeal face.
Painted-on hair = hotness.
Good lord, it's like if Chucky were a goblin.
Drag horror clown.
After seeing the rest of these puppets, this one is almost cute.
Puppet monk is watching you sleep.
It looks like he's groping the air. And enjoying it.
You cannot fix that in post. It is beyond repair. Abort. Abort. Abort.
Angel of death. Or creepiness.
Take this one to the morgue.
Big head mode.
It could eat you. Think about it.
"I do say, Beatrice, what a capital day for a possession!"
Why the nose hair? It was already evil-looking.
If he's part fish why's he in a boat?
Rudolph will eat your soul.
Give granny a kiss on the lips. Watch out for splinters now, dearie...
He's probably a gas to hang out with.