After their auto-tuned 'Bed Intruder' song cracked the Billboard Hot 100, The Gregory Brothers (of Auto-Tune The News fame) had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, they've struck gold again, auto-tuning another crime witness from a local news channel. Their new song, "Backin' Up," uses footage from the eccentric woman who became a YouTube star when she described a robbery on the news.

The "Crazy Coffee Lady" -- so-called because she was in a mini-mart getting coffee when the robbery took place -- gave the Gregorys some amazing material to work with. Explaining that she was "backin' up, backin' up, backin' up, backin' up" to get away from the robbers basically made her a shoo-in for a music video. Everybody knows dancing is all about backin' up.

Like the Bed Intruder Song, Backin' Up has inspired both acoustic covers and dance remixes on YouTube. We've collected some of the best, along with the original video.
Backin' Up Auto-Tune
Here's the Gregorys' version.
Backin' Up Vocal Version
And here's the Gregory Brothers barbershop quartet version. You can even download the sheet music and try your own performance.
Backin' Up Cover
It didn't take long for real bands (or internet bands with guitars, at least) to cover Backin' Up. Here's a version by Llamas in Stereo!
Backin' Up Remix
YouTube remixer Mike Relm takes it in a completely different direction with this dance mix, focusing on "get down," rather than the "backin' up" part of the news clip.