In a new weekly feature, 'Feat of the Week,' our pals over at the Universal Record Database (where everyone can set a world record) will be hand-selecting one awesome world record to highlight.

URDB Feat of the weekRemember that kid in your eighth grade math class who was inexplicably good at absolutely everything, from dissecting frogs to reciting Shakespeare to solving quadratic equations? If that made you jealous, Lauren Moore's record might have the same effect. We applaud anyone who can memorize the first 100 digits of Pi...let alone solve a Rubik's cube AND precariously balance 15 heavy-looking books on her head -- all the while maintaining a simple sweetness that makes everything seem so....easy.

Can you break this record (or any of the three feats included?) Let's see it.

Want to see yourself in the URDB's forthcoming Book of World Records AND help set a brand new world record? All you need is a fake mustache of your own creation & a camera. Head on over to for details.

Laura Yan lives in Brooklyn. She writes blogs and stories, sometimes at URDB, sometimes for herself.

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