arthur youtube poop
You may remember Arthur as a line of children's literature that was adapted into a PBS animated series. It was the story of a kid who was also an aardvark just learning how to cope with his annoying little sister and gang of friends. It was boring. But if you didn't have cable...

Anyway, there's this game that idiots play on YouTube called "YouTube Poop." Users deconstruct and remix old video footage for psychedelic effect. Ninety percent of it is so visually and aurally offensive that you'll want to close the tab within seconds. There is a series of Arthur "poops" (NSFW but not actually involving poop) that I think is pretty surreal and random and funny though. Check them out after the jump.
Arthur's Most Epic Punch to D.W.
This one is my favorite.
Arthur Poop
Half a million people have watched this. Half a million.
Arthur Poop 3
Here's another one mashed up with dialogue from an old obscure Legend of Zelda game. Another half million views, everyone.
Arthur's Addicted to Internet Porn
(Warning: Contains Swears)
Here's an example of something called "Word Trim," in which words are rearranged to sound naughty. It's the sort of comedy on par with playing Mad Libs in third grade and putting "fart" down for every noun and verb.
YouTube Poop: Ultimate Arthur
(Warning: Contains Swears)
And this illustrates something called "stutter," another annoying trend that can only be funny if you're high or ten I guess.