This week, Kelly, Eliot, and Cole were joined by blogger Noah Garfinkel and editor Dan Hopper from one of our favorite (and often-sourced) blogs, Best Week Ever!

Joining us for tl;dr quiz was Steven, Skyping in from beautiful San Francisco, where he keeps a spotless, beautifully-designed bedroom, likely because he's a recent grad looking for work (hint hint: here's his awesome blog, eager employers).

And in A Word From Our Spammers, we were presented with the question of how Search Engine Optimization can be embodied by a human being. Apparently, it can, according to an unnamed site that bombed us with inexplicably stupid SPAM. DELETED!

For this week's FW:FW:FW: segment, we discussed Cee-Lo Green's NSFW song "F*ck You," for which a simple music video foregoing special effects and naked ladies for simple typography exploded online, to the surprise of the Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob singer. Incidentally, the very same day we recorded the podcast, the song's official (and undeniably awesome) video came out, too. What are the implications, we wondered, of a song whose main lyrics is an expletive, and how it lives on the internet in comparison to radio or television. Dipping our toes into the pool known as Music Criticism (sorry, Spinner, maybe some other time), we had to ask ourselves how a song called "F*ck You" will translate offline, and if, in fact, it can be crowned The Song of Summer '10, despite both its late entry and Katy Perry's boobs.

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This week's Urly Show is marked EXPLICIT because we play excerpts of Cee-Lo's obscenity-laden tune. You have been warned!

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