glenn beck rally
At Urlesque, it's very much not in our job description to wax political about the type of policies that have launched an astronomically popular anti-Obama sentiment amid the Tea Party and Birthers movements, many of whose members take solace in the chalkboards former morning zoo radio DJ Glenn Beck uses to prove that our President is a racist America is headed for disaster.

But after the popularity of New Left Media's recent video -- a thirteen-minute foray into the blatant ignorance (sorry, but it is what it is) of attendees of Glenn Beck's recent "Restoring Honor" rally -- we figured we might as well present to you the compressed, twenty-three second version.

Here, a crazy lady in a gorgeous American flag bonnet surprises Obama supporters by showing up, unannounced, to claw at them, attempting to rip up their signs and destroy the equipment with which they're being interviewed. Not a huge free-speecher, that one.