Remember the good old days when it was just reality TV turds who would threaten to maim each other in the press? Now it seems like every tween with a cam has the potential for empty threats and dangerous hubris. I was hoping the tear-filled outcome of the Jessi Slaughter saga would have encouraged teen girls to dial down their online personae, but NOPE!

Read on to learn about how everything sucks.
Warning, these videos contain a cute little girl using heinous language.
Here's Hannah, or Missvideo28, who is pissed off at a stranger.
If I ever meet you in person I'm going to hit you in the f---ing face with a full wine bottle. Cork and all.
But why? Because the stranger, a fellow teen girl named Sydney Dalton, posted video of she and her friends tearing some Justin Bieber posters from her wall, claiming to have "gotten over" their fandom.

Sayeth PopEater:
Dalton, who claims to be 20-years-old but looks considerably younger, incurred the wrath of Bieber's loyal and militant army of fans after posting a video to her channel of her and some friends ripping posters of the teen pop star off of her walls. Sacrilege! Ignited, the Bieberverse soon aggressively attacked Sydney, going as far as sending death threats.
Gross, Hannah! You should be mad at your teacher because she gave you a C- on your Johnny Tremain book report! Not some fellow teen you've never met tearing down posters you never saw!

Hannah backpedaled a bit, insisting that she doesn't want to kill Sydney Dalton, she just hates her a little bit. She's "a little enraged" over the hateful comments she received from her last video.

Will this stuff keep happening? Yes. Lots. Every day. And some day someone's gonna get bashed in the head with a wine bottle.