Indie rock band Arcade Fire recently teamed up with Google and writer/director Chris Milk to create The Wilderness Downtown, which Google describes as "a music experience designed specifically for the modern web." I'd describe it as a "super badass sensory assault that may or may not need to be shared with your parents, depending on how they'd feel about having their crib featured in the new Arcade Fire video." But either way.

Set to Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait" from their newly released album The Suburbs, the customized video is built with Google Maps, HTML5, an integrated drawing tool and multiple browser windows that move around the screen. Sounds complicated - but all you need to do is type in an old street address and kick back.

Note: this is a processor-intensive browser experience, so it may suck up a lot of your computer's awesome juice (RAM). For optimal viewing, try it using Chrome or Firefox and close as many other applications as you can. It's worth it. And for your sake, I hope you grew up somewhere with Google Street View.