"There's a lot that we can learn about growing old, becoming ill, letting go and dying by having our pets in our lives." (:

"Our dogs are so good at living in the moment."

"It doesn't matter how much you weigh, how much money you make, or what your hair looks like -- your dog values you."

These quotes come straight from the mouth of Leta Koontz, Expert Village's (now eHow) teacher of Doga, or yoga with dogs, a trend that has floated around in fluff news pieces for years.

We've dusted off a selection from the series of videos Koontz shot with her golden retriever, Toby, for Expert Village. As such, we highlight those special moments (from the 15 videos) in which a Sun Salutation is something we're supposed to fully believe Toby understands, even if the video is mostly Koontz just kind of doing her own thing while Toby farts sleeps.
Toby's into it
Toby makes eye contact (from another angle, but whatevs)
"Resting in front of your dog" = YOGA
Toby's a "leg guy"
Toby does Downward Facing Dog -- FOR REAL!
BONUS! Crazy lady in the woods does DOGA!