Despite looking wasted in the thumbnail to the left, Eliot was not wasted while being photographed with our in-studio guest Matt Cherette of Also on hand were the usual suspects Kelly, Nick, Cole, and Emmy!

Joining us for tl;dr quiz was Eliot's dear friend Jackie, who Skyped in from a treehouse in sky, apparently, considering she may or may not be a faerie nymph living in the forest with no access a modem or the human world. But congratulations to her for being the first tl;dr guest to talk to us live with the sounds of crickets in the background!

And in A Word From Our Spammers, we learned that the May-December romance isn't necessarily such a taboo after all, especially if your pitch recycles text from Urlbot Drew Villano's own juicy writing. Savvy!

In this week's FW:FW:FW: segment, we question whether Michael Krivicka, under the Twitter handle @whoisthebaldguy, is authentic or ironic in his plea -- via YouTube videos -- to be followed on Twitter by celebrities like Ellen Page, Jimmy Fallon, and Alyssa Milano. His videos are offbeat and funny -- depending on your sense of humor -- but not everybody in our studio found his ways charming (in fact, the ladies aren't jiving with the dude), even if he was allegedly inspired by the beloved Old Spice ads.

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