Edgar Wright
Congratulations, Michael Cera! You're the latest movie star to become an internet meme!

A photo of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star Michael Cera caught in mid-air, wearing a red beanie and making a goofy facial expression has become the new Sad Keanu Reeves. Sad Keanu, meet Prancing Michael Cera.

A tumblr devoted to this overnight meme-splosion already has 60 pages of captioned Prancing Michael Cera images (that's nearly 600 posts!). Most of the captions replace the word "dance" in popular song lyrics with "prance," to hilarious effect.

So hold me closer, Tiny Prancer, and check out the 20 funniest Prancing Michael Cera images.

Are We Human, or Are We Prancer?

The Safety Prance

Prancing Cera Meets Lady Gaga

Bonus Points for Meme Combo

Obvious, but still funny.

Crouching Tiger, Prancing Cera

Santa's reindeer are all Prancer this year

A 'haters gonna hate' reference!

Le Tour De Prance

Inception reference! It's a meme within a meme!

Deal With It! Another combo with one of our favorite memes.

The Evolution of Prancing

Private Prancer, Prancer for Money ...

Prancin' on the ceiling


Lookin' like a fool when you prance on the ground

Save the last prance for me!

The inevitable Michael Cera/Antoine Dodson mashup

Prances With Wolves

Robot Unicorn Attack meets Prancing Cera

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