There's nothing like a thrilling adventure to the old asylum that caught on fire and closed down decades ago. Driving there with your friends while the excitement slowly thickens the air inside your mother's car, slowly pulling up into the gravel driveway strewn with old beer cans and those silly 'condemned' X's spray painted onto the stubs of concrete pillars in neon orange paint...

Oh, and getting out of the car only to realize that your buddies are still cowering inside while turning the heat up and locking the doors. Here are 35 beautiful but super-creepy looking abandoned buildings.

White house, wet winter. Looks haunted.
Obscured by the undergrowth. Probably shouldn't go here.
This abandoned house is conveniently situated in a cosmic vortex.
All it's missing is a welcome mat.
"I'll take the attic thanks. It looks so cozy."
House = dilapidated. Pants = just crapinated.
This one's so frightening it even looks scared of itself.
Stop trying to look normal, house; we know you're haunted.
Don't let its apparent loneliness lure you in.
That tint of paint is called 'ghost-infestation yellow.'
Oh yeah, the high contrast makes it waaaay less creepy.
The ghost president lives here.
"Now, if you follow me, we'll move from the black room of death to the even blacker room of certain death."
Another enticing attic. Buy now and it comes with free leg chains.
This one could hold approximately six ghost families, and that's including ghost pets, which is just terrifying.
Holy ghosts, Batman!
This looks like a school where you could could to learn about poltergeists...from poltergeists.
What's that in the window? Is that a life-size cut-out of Ted Danson?
This ghost house is definitely overcompensating.
That roof must be great for surface runoff.
This is a manufacturing plant. Of doom.
Yeah, yeah, it looks all pretty until a freakin' ghost eats your face off.
Weatherboard may be the creepiest genre of abandoned house.
This one looks like something from LOST.
Welcome to Murderdale, our fine mansion in the countr*gunshot*.
Weatherboard, why must you haunt us so?
Note the color.
If the trees don't get you, the house will...
We have no idea what this is, but it haunted, and that's that.
Apparently someone was brave enough to go in to one of these places. RIP Steeven.
Another spooky ghost factory. Hey, at least they're industrious.
Turn around while you can, intrepid photographer.
A very old school ghost hangout. Not a good idea for non-ghosts.
Don't go in here unless you like ghost goats.
Take a girl on a date here. If at the end she still likes you, marry her.

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