Yes, you read that right. If you think cats only like strings, feathers and sparkly things, then boy do you have another thing coming. Cats love cardio like cats love attention. Is that how similes work? Did I get that right? Does language even matter when you can say everything that ever needs to be said with a simple meow? Think about that as you watch these cats work out.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Otis, the elliptical machine riding cat.

Who says you need to use all four legs?

Work it Moush-Moush.

You have to wait for the end. You just have to.

Water treadmill! OMG! Come get momma. Feel better kitty.

Get that tail up in the air. This cat really meows like an old woman.

Looks like someone might need a lap band.

This cat knows you always needs a spotter, even on the treadmill.

Scooter prides himself on being the fittest cat at the club.

Who says you can't take exercise lying down?

There's a cat on this treadmill? Where? All I see is gray.

If Max is too sexy already, we can hardly imagine how sexy he'll be after his workout.

This cat treats the treadmill more like a moving chair.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. The same goes for the Cat Olympics.