You know the feeling: It's an awesome Saturday night with your best friends and you see no reason why not to have a couple of gin and tonics. And after that, why not have a few glasses of sangria and a shot of something, chased down with some very cheap full-bodied red wine? In fact, you know what? You'll also have a bowl of whiskey and pff, everything's fine, you're just gonna pee over there near that guy in the uniform.

Another feeling you may know: Sunday morning.

On photo blog Hungover Owls, the birds know the pain all too well. You'll see it in their tired owl eyes when they tell you something like, "Look, I'm sorry for blowing up earlier. It's just...I can feel my face."

After the break, a selection of the best owls with the worst hangovers.

"ughhh...wait...why...why am I naked?"
"Yeah, so...we're gonna go grab some coffee, and then...then we'll start cleaning up this sh*t."
"Give me...give me like...five...five minutes. Jesus."
"...yeah...that's...that's pretty much it for me today."
"Man...whatever is inside of me smells like dying."

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