jim bender
Thanks to YouTube, we live in an age in which we are barraged with political diatribes from both the left and the right. And, hey, that's a pretty good thing, considering this whole freedom of speech thing we've enacted here in these United States.

That being said, of course, there is a lot of wiggle room allotted for more eccentric, irreverent, weird, and -- dare we say -- funny campaign ads and political "message" videos.

It didn't start with Ben Quayle, but that sure was one curveball (literally -- watch him duck nearly out of frame like he's about to get pied). Here's a round-up of some of the web's weirdest recent politico videos.
Mama Grizzlies
Ladies who think Sarah Palin is a dummy disagree with Palin's policies band together to reclaim the term (in cute bear costumes, nevertheless)
Rob Hanh
After running on the Independent ticket and losing to Tom Horner, the former Gubernatorial wannabe released this bizarre video, which demonstrates what sore losers look like in Second Life.
Len Britton
The Vermont Republican uses a visual aid -- drowning children -- to illustrate wasteful government spending.
Linda McMahon
The Republican candidate from Connecticut may be best known for her work in the wrestling ring, but any smart lady in an SUV or necktie can see through the bullroar.
Mike Weinstein
The Florida Republican hired a wedding/bar mitzvah video crew from 1996 to spread his message far and wide across Talahassee.
Jim Bender
The Republican Senate candidate from New Hampshire hired the most terrifying Uncle Sam impersonator ever. It works.
Rudy Moise
The Democratic Congressional candidate for Florida's 17th district is given the reggaeton treatment by DJ Mixx, and rightfully so.