K'NEX were great toys because they were so versatile. The possibilities were nearly endless. Its billions of pieces could be used to make a giant tower, a mini-car with working motor, or even to electrocute your sister when she's being extra-annoying. Here are 39 awesome K'nex creations.

Office roller coaster.
Not the strongest tank ever, but aesthetically sound.
Next up: a full size one you can actually ride.
Get rid of the murderer eyes and you'll be set, buddy, 'cause that flower sure is cute.
K'NEX rubber band gun. Lethal and innovative.
K'NEX off-roading.
Don't do it, Teddy! We love you!
Lowrider truck.
Is there a chance the track could bend? Monorail!
I have no idea what this is, but it looks pretty badass.
Loop the loop the loop the loop.
WARING: Not for life-size people. Too many have learned this the hard way. And by 'hard' I mean 'ass-spiky.'
Polly want a K'NEX?
The most epic K'NEX ever.
We'll take the K'NEX and leave the silly jewelery.
No one messes with this guy.
Polly want a coaster?
K'NEX battle bot.
Crazy, complicated K'NEX carnival.
We've seen bigger, guy. No need to be all smug about it.
See, this guy has the act down. He also has one huge-ass Ferris wheel.
Don't try and make out under this Eiffel Tower. It simply cannot be done.
This is supposed to be some sort of ball-launcher, but we'd use it for gerbils.
Have you learned nothing from the smug Ferris wheel kid?
Apparently non-lethal.
This is almost as ugly as those real hairless dogs.
Just plane fun.
Bridge over troubled copters.
We've had experts scrutinize this; no on knows what the hell it is. But it is awesome.
You'll have to crane your neck to see the top of this one.
The Koreans refuse to be outdone in their tower-building.
Well, at least we know what the kids aren't getting for Christmas.
This dude is literally building an entire house out of K'NEX. We're not sure that's even cost effective...
Oh, this is just bound to fail.
Gotta love the arm cannons.
This photographer is at pains to remind us that these are Wraiths from Starcraft 'flying in formation' (i.e. not being held in formation).
One of the best constructions yet, a K'NEX homemade jet.
Whatever floats your boat, but I wouldn't count on this one's buoyancy.