The Tumblr community has spawned a lot of its own memes, and one of the best is the "F--- Yeah" tumblr. These single-topic blogs are uber-fansites with massive collections of pictures of their subjects. Whether it's "Eff Yeah Your Favorite Celebrity", "Eff Yeah a TV Show", or "Eff Yeah a Cute Animal", these blogs are celebrations of their very specific subjects.

There are so many F--- Yeah blogs that a Tumblr has popped up to list them all: it's called "F--- Yeah F--- Yeah Tumblogs."

It was tough, but we've picked out 10 of our favorite F--- Yeah tumblrs below. (Disclaimer: It should go without saying that you'll encounter the F-word in the title of each of these blogs, but the content is mostly free of swears.)
We've been spending a lot of time on cats at Urlesque lately, but you know we also adore dogs. This tumblr collects doggie pictures of all kinds, from the cute to the very, very cute. Think of it as a supplement to your Cute Overload reading.
Tumblr, Endrigo87
Live every week like it's Shark Week with this tumblr (the original F Yeah blog) devoted to the badasses of the sea: F*CK YEAH SHARKS! There's all kinds of shark comedy, shark Photoshop, and even plain ol' shark photography. Sharks don't need some dumb website to make them cool, but it helps.

Warning: you'll find some intermittent cursewords and shark-initiated gore here, but whatever. Sharks are too tough to care.
Andrew Zubko
Some might say Tumblr has a high percentage of hipsters, so there's no surprise there's a F*ck Yeah Tumblr dedicated to the most hipster of facewear trends: F*ck Yeah Beards.
If we're going to include celebrity fanblogs in this list, we have to go with celebrities who came up on the mean streets of interweb. For example, F*ck Yeah Felicia Day, a tumblr about the geekalicious TV star who got her start in web series like The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog.
F*ck Yeah Cilantro is an unlikely tribute to the super-fresh but greatly underrated plant known as cilantro. Yeah, it tastes like soap to a small percentage of the population, but to the rest of us, it's the crowning touch on a great burrito.
Since he blew up in one of the most meme-worthy movies of the summer, Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's stock has been on the rise on these here internets. F*ck Yeah JGL gives you all things Joe, whether you're a fan of his acting or just think he's totally hot.
F*ck Yeah Streetlights isn't literally about streetlights, but it IS about all kinds of gorgeous lights, shot at night. There's some amazing photography to be found here. Truly desktop wallpaper-worthy.
Tumblr, CatchTheLug
You know what's almost as cute as Felicia Day or Joe Gordon-Levitt? BABY ANIMALS! F*ck Yeah Baby Animals gives you your regular baby animal fix, with a diverse group of critters that ranges from dogs and cats to hedgehogs and goats. All babies, all adorable. How can you resist?
You might not want to read F*ck Yeah Kissing if you're currently single, because it just reminds you how sickeningly adorable it is when cute couples kiss. It's made up of reader-submitted pictures of people kissing their significant others, sometimes with the story of the photo attached.
If you've read Urlesque for any period of time, you've no doubt noticed we have a thing for ridiculous or amazing dances. Well, F*ck Yeah Dance is nothing but dancing videos. A lot of them are by legitimately talented dancers and choreographers who can probably teach you a few new moves.