Treehouses, although a staple of childhood, are really just as enjoyable at any age. In fact, the only people who don't like treehouses are soulless voids -- perhaps belonging to some underground race of evil, fun-hating mole-gnomes. Here are 39 awesome treehouses you wish you lived in (and a few pretty scary ones you'd probably never want to visit).

A lonely farm treehouse.
A futuristic treehouse at Burning Man
That must be one rich kid.
There's not much tree in this treehouse.
Lonely like the other farm treehouse, but damn cold to boot.
A mosaic-fronted treehouse. They must be fans of modernism.
Yar! This treehouse has a crow's nest so you can spot...sealubbers...
Let's hope it doesn't flood.
The time-honored classic.
The not-so-classic.
The giant birdhouse.
A strange French treehouse Chapel.
A Japanese treehouse restaurant.
Lovely portico. Or is it a vestibule?
Bamboo, baby. Built to last.
A precariously placed treehouse.
Another old standard, but this time with a balcony for good measure. Ooh la la!
Built-in defenses.
Nice, but a drawbridge would have been even cooler.
Treetop hut. this cheating?
There isn't 'mushroom' inside this tiny treehouse. (Send complaints about the gaudiness of this pun to
Buried within the shaded branches of the tree. Tres romantique!
One of the few treehouses that's acutually inside the tree.
New age treehouse.
It's probably best to wait til spring to stay in this one. The chances of its having a fireplace are slim at best considering it's made of wood.
Triangular treehouse.
A Japanese treetop treehouse with an amazing view.
Screw the Navi'i: this is the real stuff.
Have a ball.
Hey! What happened to that drawbridge idea? Is no one listening?
Ready for a tree party for all the woodland animals.
This seems to be at least three different trees joined together, making this a threehouse.
The most expensive part was the spiral staircase.
It's lonely (and scary as hell) at the top.
How the hell do you access those double doors? Are they a clever anti-burglary device?
There is something mildly disconcerting about that trunk.