Portraits of dogs always look a lot nicer than ones of babies. Besides, dogs make way better friends and know that pooping is meant to be done outside instead of all over themselves. This collection of dog tattoos will bring about the full gamut of emotion: from "awww" to "oh God, why?"

A five-star canine companion.
Freshly-done tattoos can be itchy. Luckily, this one scratches itself.
Even if you remove a dog tattoo, it will leave its pawprints...
A saintly beagle.
An Admiralble pooch.
He can see through solid leg!
We hope this isn't the beginning of a 'MISSING' ad...
A fairly photo-realistic family friend.
A unicycle and two drumsticks...what else could a dog want?
Building a dog tattoo from the ground up.
The patented sausage dog hammock.
As in running from this dog, perchance?
No, not the great pyramid, the dog.
We're pretty sure that's a dog...but nice try.
Guarding his master's leg.
Fine needle work, though the dog doesn't look overly pleased with it.
This might be the most disturbing tattoo of a pug that has ever been committed to skin.
"Stop drooling on my head!"
"Nice tattoo. Wait...does this mean she's planning to cook me?"
The hairs were already there, making this tattoo a cinch.
Keeping it simple.
Is that the dog's name, or the tattoo artist's?
This design was taken from the New Yorker. They are currently suing.
The were-dog Queen.
He looks a little timid to be called 'Wolf.'
That nipple looks less delicious to us...
'Truffle'? How about 'Fuzzrat'?
His dog fell into a burning tat of fire.
Is this dog wearing a dog mask?
Can you handle two Blossoms looking at you at once, or is it a saccharine cuteness overload?
Courage Wolf makes an appearance.
This one simply boggles the mind.
Aren't dalmatians supposed to be the firefighter's dog of choice?
One Wolf Moon.
In loving memory of her dog's flying severed head.
Shade of Peter Lorre.