Cory Cavin, Jon FriedmanIn this week's Urly Show podcast, Eliot (finally getting a chance to revisit his beloved Riding The Bus With My Sister soundboard) took over for Kelly, inviting Urlbots Emmy and Cole along for the ride, as well as our friends Jon Friedman and Cory Cavin, bloggers for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

This week, Urlesque superfan Amy joined us for our tl;dr quiz and proved that you can never have too many menorahs. (She also gave us the chance to test out awesome new sound effects, which was probably more exciting than it should have been.)

And in A Word From Our Spammers, we learned about forklifts! You, too, can learn how to lift a forklift ON THE INTERNET. Believe it, it's true (no, it's not).

And in our FW:FW:FW: segment, we discussed the megameme that is Antoine Dodson, a witness captured on a local news report in Alabama, where the subject matter was inevitably macabre, but didn't stop Antoine's on-the-scene proclamations from sweeping the net in spoofs, parodies and video tributes. What are the ethics at stake, we asked, when a viral video superstar is born from a news report about (*gulp*) attempted rape?

Emmy also provided us with an update on our current tournament, CATFIGHT! Urlesque's Search for the Web's Most Favorite Feline! More on that next week, but you may not believe who won.

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