mcdonalds fury
As I spent almost four years working at the biggest fast food chain, I can confirm that the fast food environment brings out the worst in people.

I've seen burgers thrown at people, death threats bandied about and garbage cans upended in fits of rage. It's uncomfortable and scary when it's happening in front of you, but when viewing from a safe distance, other people's flame-broiled fury is delicious.

I've scoured the web for the best fast food rage videos. Check them out after the jump.
(Warning: Many of these videos contain swears!)
Eliot blogged about this crazed drive-thru lady yesterday. Breaking windows for chicken nuggets. Breaking windows for justice.
Is there anything more humiliating than getting owned by some dork half your size who politely chants, "Are you done?" every time he pins you?
You just can't help some people.
This woman called 911 because Burger King wouldn't allow her to have it her way.
This guy rampages in a Chick-fil-A in front of a bunch of children because his order was late. Waah!
Check out this news anchor's world-weary delivery of the line, "...McDonalds customer who got angry...over a Filet o' Fish."
Skip ahead to :40 on this one to watch a guy go ape on a pregnant lady. And everyone just sits around and does nothing! Nice work, humanity.
Why has no one created a techno remix set to this guy banging his head against a wall?
A man throws a sign and then flexes. A++
A lady gets impatient waiting for her order so she climbs onto a counter to get her drink. Then she slips and falls due to her impractical shoes and chucks her drink at somebody before leaving in shame.
Don't tell me you've never hurled a bucket of water over a fast food counter. We've all been there.