Here in the Catfight, the competition got a more and more intense with each round and kept exceeding our expectations, but one thing doesn't change: Kitty madness. Cat owners, cat lovers and cat gamblers all got to revel in nearly a week full of upsets, unthinkable match-ups, mixed sports metaphors and silly Photoshops (you're welcome). Toward the end, the results of this tournament took us by surprise and made us feel increasingly relieved we didn't bet on a pool of anything more than Oreos and Pogs. I mean, look at this!

Wow. Just wow.

And so without further ado, after days and days of voting and nearly 40,000 votes cast, we are happy to award the title of The Web's Favorite Feline to...


Unfamiliar with Maru's appeal? Look at his
mind-blowing videos and blog.

We even ordered him a championship wrestling belt, a three-foot gold trophy with a poised karate fighter on top and a canvas apron to wear while grilling that says "World's Best Dad" (we told you, mixed sports metaphors!) but the goods are all on backorder. Ugh, this is what happens when you wait until the thick of back-to-school season to order prizes for a cat. Good thing Maru already instinctively knows he's a winner.

Around the hour when voting for the finals closed, we were thoroughly enjoying all the Catfight commentary and reactions and just had to share a few of them with you. Let the screen shots roll!

From Twitter:

And in French, ooh la la!

Here's just a taste of what was going on with our rabid wonderful Facebook fans:
Goodness! Thank you all for getting in on the action. Until next year, folks! (Or maybe next month, who knows.)

Now, if you will, tell us in the comments which cats you think deserve Honorable Mentions!