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THE FINAL SHOWDOWN IS UPON US! We've come so far in the Catfight, it's hard to believe this is it. Let us first say that the competition's been full of surprises -- between the thousands of impassioned voters, the number of astonishing upsets (some of us were a little attached to Keyboard Cat, okay?) and the campaign tactics employed by the cats and cat-owners themselves. What we're trying to say is, how shall we put it... you guys are crazy! We understand that choosing a favorite internet cat is no small task and shouldn't be taken lightly, so stop and think a moment before clicking that vote button in the finals today. This cat will represent YOU.

Just like it's been all along, voting for the final round will stay open until tonight at midnight ET and there's no time to waste. Tomorrow, what we've all been waiting for: The winner will be announced.

(Update: Voting now closed, see who won!)

Then what? Who knows. Maybe we'll throw catnip in the air like confetti, maybe we'll dump a Gatorade cooler of whole milk on the winning cat's owner or maybe we'll present the cat with a giant cardboard check and laugh when he naively tries to deposit it into his bank account. Wait and see!
Ceiling Cat (3) vs. Maru (4)
Ceiling Cat vs. Maru
In the Old School division, Ceiling Cat won over Happycat by a solid 9% but the New School saw some down-to-the-wire drama as Maru slid past Sockington by a mere 0.4% after an dramatic competition that kept the polls open an extra hour.

Ultimately it boils down to this: Is the Internet's Favorite Feline the alpha cat who, according to the LOLcat Bible, created "teh skiez an da Urf?" Or will Maru's slow motion tricks and box-jumping abilities continue to dazzle and delight? Whoa, tough call indeed! Both kitties have mobilized their fans, so we can't wait to see who takes it all home tonight.

VOTE - Round 4 FINAL - Ceiling Cat vs. Maru
Ceiling Cat812 (24.0%)
Maru2572 (76.0%)
Who Will Take Home the Title?
Catfight Final Round