bottle rocket mouth
The summer isn't over yet, so here are a bunch of videos of people cold getting dumb with some firecrackers, bottle rockets and more.

As much as I'd like to encourage safety while handling fireworks, there's something supremely satisfying about watching some magnificent doofus get a spray of sparks in the face because he wanted to fire a bottle rocket out of his mouth.

I scoured YouTube for the best ones. Check them out after the jump.
(Warning: Most of these videos contain swears!)
I really feel for this kid. There's always one boy in every gang, usually chubby, who gets exploited. Me? No, I was one of the cool ones.
In some neighborhoods, just the sound of a firecracker is terrifying.
It's a good thing that dog didn't get hurt, otherwise I wouldn't be able to enjoy the many gifts offered up by this clip.
Will people ever learn that pointing a firework away from you doesn't necessarily ensure your safety?
A guy points a firework at the ground, it ricochets and hits him right in his dumb face.
Something I learned compiling this list: Never trust a firecracker that didn't go off after being lit.
Mom's going to be so happy when she comes home.
Best line, uttered by your redneck mom after an explosion: "I ran off without grabbin' muh kid!"
Holding a bottle rocket in your teeth. What could possible go wrong?
Turn off annotations to see the NSFW scars that you get from taking a commercial-grade firework to the face.
It just seems fitting that ACDC is playing in the background here. Guy nearly blows his hand off with DYNAMITE.
These little baby firecrackers aren't so dangerous, but when you ignite them in your hand...
A true friend laughs first, then asks if you're OK.
Hurr durr I should be blind right now.
Michael, all the girls are watching. Are you going to be a man, or are you going to wuss out?
Warning: Bare Butt. This is an all-time fav. Classic bottle rocket in the butt maneuver.
Not technically a firework, more like a waterwork. Still worth your time.
Let's all blow off our wieners, guys.
Another all-time fav. It's the friends' cries of terror and subsequent hyena-like laughter that kill me every time.