UPDATE! Polls officially closed.

Things are starting to move pret-ty fast here in the Catfight. (What's Catfight? Everything you need to know here.) Just since Friday we've seen twelve cats dropped in the loser pile, and what a cute loser pile it is, folks!

Today the remaining four semi-finalists engage in fluffy fisticuffs and there's never been a better time to bring your craziest voting game.

Be advised, sports fans, you've only got until tonight at midnight to vote! We'll announce the two finalists tomorrow, open up the last round of voting and be so close to declaring the Furryweight Champion that we might just lose our minds. So close!

(Update: Voting now closed, see who won!)
(1) Happycat vs. (3) Ceiling Cat
Happycat vs Ceiling Cat
Representing the Old School division we've got Happycat and Ceiling Cat. These two have clawed themselves a long way in this tournament, knocking out Limecat and Longcat in round 2 and Angry Cat and Monorail cat in round 1. Now only one of these formidable competitors can make it to the finals, so what will it be: Will Ceiling Cat get dragged down from up there once and for all or is this the end of Happycat's happy days?

(2) Sockington vs. (4) Maru
Sockington vs Maru
Socks photo by Jason Scott
Holding down the New School league are Sockington and Maru, two all-star cats who have had their share of big victories already. They've proven themselves after taking down Roomba Cat and Keyboard Cat in round 2 (pour a little out) and Surprised Kitty and OMG Cat in round 1 (pour a little more.) Sockington has been using his Twitter leverage way to his advantage, but will he keep it up? Can they withstand the colossally adorable power-moves of Maru?