Playing guitar is so much harder than it looks. Rock stars make it appear deceitfully easy, and look so freaking cool while doing it that a lot of people start to play for that reason alone (and quit after two days because they're hands are already calloused and they can't even play Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star). Here are 39 people who skipped lessons and went straight to the easiest instrument of all: air guitars.

Mountain hopper.

You know you've all done this.

Graffiti rock.

Grandpa can still rock it out.

Screw the dishes, I'm air slashing.

Knock knock.

With her left hand out of frame it's hard to tell what note she's playing. Our guess: G minor 7.

Air ginger.

Rocking out with the bare essentials: a guitar and some underwear.

Leaping the sunset.


Ramping up the volume.

Tennis anyone?

Slappin' the bass at a young age.

Klingon rock. The first line of the song is 'Hab SoSlI' Quch!'

Halo of hair.

Caveman/Gladiator rock!

She's definitely into the music.


'Who Let the Dogs Out?' The instrumental.

The electric anteater!

Not quite Hendrix.

Wait...what is this list about again?

Oh, that's right. Channeling Springsteen.

Finger-tapping that one note.

Shunning the acoustic for something even lighter.

Mop-headed rock.

Nice pose. Wait, is that a young Kiefer Sutherland?


An early starter who already has the moves down.

Forget bounties, it's time to shred."

Rihanna ends speculation that she can't play any instruments.

She has definitely got the attitude down!

Phantom air guitar.

The guitar is fake, the spit is 100% real.


That is one hirsute air guitarist.

With those claws, he won't need a pick.

The tweed shredder.