Sometimes getting a perfect picture means taking a billion photographs of nothing, blurry and off time by only a moment or two. When the goal is achieved, however, two long hours of jumping on the trampoline with a cat feel totally worth it. Here are 34 pictures taken at just the right time: when the subject was jumping and posing in mid-air.

The old standard: a jumping jack.
Leaping silhouette.
"Oh no, Dave! Your car's being towed!"
Trust exercise.
Talk about morning grumpiness.
Hay, does anyone have a feeling she's going to bale?
Jumping rocks!
Nice focus, nice jammies.
Running on air.
Blort, the levitating demon cat.
Water nymph.
The levitating trio.
Super boy.
School's out.
Leaping in the sunset.
Hanging by a thread.
Checking his toenails.
Enlightenment = achieved.
Kick his tiny head off!
Interspecies competition.
Skinny jumping.
Her first flight.
We'd be worried about the landing, too.
Invisible bike.
Flying polish boy.
This air mattress is great for the lower back.
He can read an amazing 17 words per jump.
You'll have to think of another way of impressing this one, buddy.
Split personality.
Showing off.
"Peter, look out! A pot h---Never mind."