happy cat proposal
The Daily What
Over the weekend a man asked his ever-lovin's hand in marriage via a post on The Daily What with this meme-infused proposal.
Kristjan wrote us to express his obscene fondness for TDW, which would have been enough to seal our lifelong endearment, but he went on to say that his girlfriend Alexandra, likewise a card-carrying member of the TDW Army, would be positively smitten from head to hiney if he asked for her hand on the couple's favorite website.
The Daily What went for it, and you're going to have to click through to see how she responded, along with how we wish she would have responded.
How He Proposed
The proposal combines three memes, the Reaction Guys, Happy Cat, and a LOLgraph or GraphJam.
The Daily What
And she said yes! Awww. But, we're glad she didn't react like this.