Better take a seat, ladies and gents, because things are heating up as we enter round two of the Catfight! (What's Catfight? Get up to speed here.) Over the weekend you voters came out strong and passionate -- we had some clear winners and some close calls -- but now, like a horrible day at the shelter, eight cats are down for the count.

Today the remaining eight go paw to paw and you'd better not underestimate them. As the Notorious B.I.G. once said, "Them cats that squeeze your guns can hold jobs too." Cats with jobs! It's getting so real.

You've only got until tonight at midnight to vote, so get to it! We'll announce the four victors tomorrow, open up round 3 voting, and be that much closer to declaring the Furryweight Kitty Champion of the whole web. (Update: Voting now closed, see who won!)
(1) Happycat vs. (5) Limecat
Happycat vs. Limecat
In what was not the biggest surprise of this round, Happycat is up for another face off against Limecat, the most citrus-y of cats. Though he appears ill-prepared for battle, Happycat might prove there's truth to the saying "kill 'em with kindness." At the same time, Limecat might be proof of the slightly less common saying "kill 'em while they're busy thinking about cheeseburgers." Is Happycat as greedy for fast food as he is for WIN, or will Limecat's protective headgear see him through?

VOTE - Round 2 - Happycat vs. Limecat
Happycat1320 (69.4%)
Limecat581 (30.6%)
(2) Longcat vs. (3) Ceiling Cat
Longcat vs. Ceiling cat
Round 1 saw Longcat defeat Ceiling Fan Cat, so it's only right he goes up against a ceiling cat who's a stronger competitor pound for pound. Ceiling Cat may have a victory over Monorail Cat and a prime hiding spot to his name, but Longcat could easily invade that territory with his unbelievably stretchy slinky kitty torso. Will Ceiling Cat get knocked out from up there or will he intimidate Longcat down to size?

VOTE - Round 2 - Longcat vs. Ceiling Cat
Longcat609 (35.1%)
Ceiling Cat1128 (64.9%)
(1) Keyboard Cat vs. (4) Maru
Keyboard Cat vs. Maru
Now this might be the most exciting match of this round: Keyboard Cat and Maru. Their victories, though deserved, meant the beloved Spaghetti Cat and Surprised Kitty are now out of the running -- basically two heartbreaks in one sentence. But it all makes a little more sense thanks to this dark fun fact: The Japanese name Maru translates to "demon" or "spirit." Can he overpower the unflappable Keyboard Cat or will the beat go on?

VOTE - Round 2 - Keyboard Cat vs. Maru
Keyboard Cat795 (40.4%)
Maru1172 (59.6%)
(2) Sockington vs. (6) Roomba Cat
sockington vs. roomba cat
Socks photo via Jason Scott
Just when we thought Sockington was out of the running last time, he tweeted a rallying cry to mobilize Socks Army and showed everyone what a glass jaw OMG Cat had. This time he's doing the dance with the ever-majestic Roomba Cat, whose vacuum ride proved more vote-worthy than Nora's piano playing. Will Sockington's followers come back with a vengeance and send him to the next round or will Roomba Cat keep hoovering through?

VOTE - Round 2 - Sockington vs. Roomba Cat
Sockington1514 (73.7%)
Roomba Cat540 (26.3%)
Catfight round 2 bracket
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