Ah, that first day of college -- your tummy's turning, you're feeling kinda homesick, it's all so crazy, right? It's tough to describe that experience unless you've been there. Fortunately for incoming freshman, the Univeristy of Georgia has somehow managed to replicate the crushingly awkward first few moments of a new school experience, and package it in video form!

Pro tip: skip the first minute or you'll never make it all the way through.

This 'Party in the USA' parody was originally created just for new UGA students, presumably under the assumption that nothing can be more stressful or horrifying than watching this video (which would then make your first day of school a breeze), but now masochistic alma maters can get in on the action too. We still have no idea how they were able to capture anxiety and emotional distress so succinctly, but the secret formula definitely involves lots of timid voiceovers and star wipes.

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