It's a new day, folks, and it's time for the second half of round 1 of the Catfight. (What is Catfight? Here's everything you need to know.) The kitty boxing gloves are off and the claws are coming out! As the rapper Mos Def once said in reference to something else entirely, "These cats be livin' off sheer confidence."

This time, we've matched up the newest cats on the internet block. These are the innovators, tastemakers and meme-generators of the kitty milieu. Their skillz may range from Roomba-riding to music-making, but only four can advance to the next round. It's up to you to choose!

You'll have until Midnight ET on Sunday to vote for these New School cat-petitors as well as the Old School kitties whose voting started yesterday. (Update: Voting now closed, see who won!) We'll announce the eight victors on Monday, open up round 2 voting, and be that much closer to declaring the Furryweight Champion of the web. You don't wanna miss this.

Keep reading to find out about today's competitors and to VOTE!
(1) Keyboard Cat vs. (8) Spaghetti Cat
Keyboard Cat vs Spaghetti Cat
This is a tough one! In one corner it's the almighty Keyboard Cat, whose titanic internet fame catapulted him into a media frenzy, TV and the Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt. But he doesn't have the market cornered on blooper videos: we've also got Spaghetti Cat, whose sudden appearance during a daytime talk show segment about binge drinking made him an instant hero. Will Spaghetti Cat noodle his way into the next round or will Keyboard Cat play him off? Should a cat be eating spaghetti? Life questions! Get voting!

VOTE - Round 1 - Keyboard Cat vs. Spaghetti Cat
Keyboard Cat1936 (70.5%)
Spaghetti Cat812 (29.5%)
(2) Sockington vs. (7) OMG Cat
sockington and omg cat
Socks photo via Jason Scott
Our next match-up for the New Schoolers is the #2 seed, Sockington, versus the #7 OMG Cat. While Sockington is undoubtedly better versed in Twitter (he has over 1.5 million followers and a whole 'Socks Army'), OMG Cat's face is worth a thousand tweets. And though Sockamillion puts most "social media gurus" to shame, speculation that OMG Cat was actually in pain at the time of filming could win voters' sympathy. So who will it be, the techno-savviest kitty of the Twitter age or the cat whose expressive face may be a cry for help?

VOTE - Round 1 - Sockington vs. OMG Cat
Sockington2058 (64.9%)
OMG Cat1113 (35.1%)
(3) Nora the Piano Cat vs. (6) Roomba Cat
nora and roomba cat
Next up, Nora the Piano Cat and Roomba Cat. As Nora's owner says, "She plays only when the mood strikes her, usually several times a day for short periods." In fact, many believe the ghost of Bach retired inside Nora and gives a darn approximately once an hour for two minutes. Still, Roomba Cat's merit is self-explanatory, displaying grace and patience on a Roomba like a pageant queen on a parade float. Is there room for Roomba Cat or will Nora tickle sweet ivories into the next round?

VOTE - Round 1 - Nora the Piano Cat vs. Roomba Cat
Nora the Piano Cat1345 (49.0%)
Roomba Cat1402 (51.0%)
(4) Maru vs. (5) Surprised Kitty
maru and surprised kitty
Last in the New School's first round are Maru and Surprised Kitty, two contenders of record high levels of adorability. Maru's box-sliding skills are something to be reckoned with, however his weakness would be exposed should anyone ever put carpeting on that well-polished floor. With Surprised Kitty, it's a tough call: His cuteness may bring the competition to its cat knees, but he's clearly tiny and easily prompted to put his paws up in surrender. Who wins, the cat that knows his way around a box or the kitten who only knows shock?

VOTE - Round 1 - Maru vs. Surprised Kitty
Maru1408 (52.8%)
Surprised Kitty1260 (47.2%)