Catfight is sweeping the web, and internet meme experts and representatives of the cats themselves are weighing in on the battle! If you can't decide who to vote for, scope out all the commentary we've collected so far.

We've got Keyboard Cat, Sockington and the Know Your Meme team offering opinions, plus Catfight comments from our readers on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr after the jump.

(In case you missed it, check out our Catfight introduction post to catch up on what's happening, and then see who won!) )
Know Your Meme scientist Elspeth Jane told us that she thinks the battle between Old School and New School cats is really a battle between cute and evil.
This truly is a battle of the favorite kittahs on the internetz, and there's a clear line between the two brackets. It's not Old School vs New school, but EVIL vs CUTE.

These kittahs just don't have what more modern incarnations have, which is love and cuddles... For example, Angry Cat will claw your eyes out, Ceiling Fan Cat watches what society has "looked down upon" for generations, Monorail Cat is just plain creepy floating along his journey expressionless, and LimeCat will cut-a-bitch if he has to wear another hat.

Like fashion, trends in cat macros change with time and are a reflection of the collective mood of society just as Carl Jung theorized in his book, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.

With that said, comparing Old School to New School is an eternally interesting question. Who is the best teenage heartthrob of all time: Donnie Osmond or Justin Bieber? Who would win in a seven game series: The '78 Yankees or the '98 Yankees? Who is more representative of New Jersey: The cast of Jersey Shore or Jerseylicious?

I predict the winner of the Old School bracket will be Happy Cat because he's fat, fluffy and hasacheezburger, which is much more in line with popular modern day cats.

On the New School side, things are heating up thanks to Sockington's Socks Army. Sockington himself sent out a tweet earlier today, dismissing OMG Cat's chances of beating him in the first round, and his fans jumped in with huge numbers of votes.
Sockington, Twitter
OMG Cat was unable to be reached for comment, but we imagine he would have responded: "OMG!" Sockington will have some serious competition if he makes it to the next round, though. We got in touch with Charlie Schmidt, the creator of top-seeded New School contender Keyboard Cat, and he thinks his cat will be able to "play off" all challengers:

Dear Urlesque,

It is an epic honor to represent the feline world like this!

There are a lot of cool cats in the competition, but Keyboard Cat is destined to win!

Fatso is on an eternal mission to improve things on this pathetic reincarnation at a time!

Please help save the earth... VOTE KEYBOARD CAT!

Thank you,
Charlie Schmidt

Of course, our cat-savvy readers also have strong opinions about this epic battle of web kitties. Urlesque's awesome Community Editor, Annemarie Dooling, collected some of your best comments.

Nancy Lucía L. writes:
"All glory to Ceiling Cat. Actually, Ceiling Cat and Longcat are just forms of the same Cat. BUT Happy Cat is so darn Happy, how can people not love him? Both Longcat and Ceiling Cat should have been top seeds instead of going against each other in the first round. They both are great memes, but I'm pulling for Happy Cat as the ultimate meme cat."

Leah V. outlines her voting philosophy:
"Longcat is more classic. I voted for the more well known/classic cats."

Dena T. only votes for cats with style:
Accessories are everything, so Limecat wins.

David S. loves Maru, but doesn't like his chances:
"Oh, man... there's some serious competition on the new school side. my heart is with maru, but i fear that, since the competition is a popularity contest instead of based on box-related athletic ability, he will not make it past the second round."

Tumblr user Stuartinwashington has higher hopes for Maru:

In the real world, Maru the Box Cat is most definitely the perennially top-seeded Duke of cat videos.
And of course, everyone from Buzzfeed to Time Out New York is asking: WHAT ABOUT WINSTON?

Sorry, guys ... we love Winston, too, but only 16 cats could make it. There were enough worthy honorable mentions to fill a whole other bracket! (Personally, I was pushing for Standing Cat or Mariachi Standing Cat!)

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