Here at Urlesque we've watched so many kitties come and go that it feels like the internet is a giant revolving cat door. We've seen adorable cats of different sizes with all different talents, but like most parents, we can't possibly love every one the same.

Deep down we know that they are not created equal -- some are cuter than others, some can't even play the piano and hardly any of them can read. To help us sort these special felines in the browser of our hearts, Urlesque is embarking on a journey to figure out which kitty the internet loves most dearly. And we're relying on you to help.

Urlesque has chosen the top 16 internet cats of all time (of all time!), split them into divisions (Old School and New School) and seeded them in a bracket (oh yes, we did go that far). The winner of each round will be chosen by your votes, leading to the final feline who will earn the ultimate title.
The Competition
Don't recognize the cat names? Don't worry -- we've got you covered with up-to-the-minute commentary during each round of voting. Bracket is updated throughout the competition.
The Details
Today (Old School) and tomorrow (New School), the polls for round 1 voting will open. Next week, the competitors will have a rigorous schedule of a round of single-elimination voting each day -- round 2 starts on Monday 8/9, round 3 on Tuesday 8/10, and the final blowout will take place on Wednesday 8/11. For round 1, you'll have until Midnight on Sunday 8/8 to pick who should move onto round 2. For rounds 2-4, you'll have until Midnight ET that day.

Please note, Internetters, you'll only have one vote for each matchup, so make it count!

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