basil marceaux louisiana governor candidate on jimmy kimmel live
Basil Marceaux, a Republican candidate for Tennessee governor, has become a YouTube sensation for his bizarre campaign ads. He barely seems to be able to articulate his positions in complete sentences, but the internet loves him. In fact, he's garnered so much attention online that he ended up on Jimmy Kimmel Live, even though he's polling in single digits and has essentially no hope of winning the primary.

What's so compelling about this portly, mustachioed longshot candidate? For one thing, he always introduces himself as "Basil Marceaux Dot Com," and for another, his campaign promises are vague and completely ridiculous: he wants to "do his issues" and "make it all freer than you were yesterday." He also refuses to take campaign contributions, which seems like a pretty bad way to win an election.

His online fans have even opened up a Marceaux for Governor shop, in case you need to back this guy by wearing his t-shirt.

Check out his "official campain ad" and his Kimmel appearance after the jump.