If action figures did really come to life like they do in Toy Story, they would have a really hard time navigating our cruel, disproportionate world. Here are 32 pictures of toys posed in situations which are both wacky and impossible. Or are they?

The pelt will make a beautiful addition to their base's lounge.
Alvin versus Ewok.
It didn't take the Stormtroopers long to realize that their helmets were perfect for doing headspins.
"Stop, you fool! It's 12:17!!!"
Helping a fellow Stormtrooper up has always been a cymbal of friendship.
Aquaman hates crabs.
It'll take them a while to finish that drink in the middle.
Same goes for that turkey.
C'mon, guys! Can't you handle the deep end?
Officer Pipsqueak's bathing routine was always more quick and efficient than his fellow soldiers'.
"You take the lead, Pipsqueak. Something tells me you're a good lookout."
"The Achilles, Pipsqueak! Go for the Achilles!"
Hopefully she is calling her hairdresser.
Ken and Ken. Oh, what a zany pair.
Some people would call it 'Canada.'
"Umm, Lord Vader...could you maybe cut ours in half, too? You know, with your life saver thingy."
"It's called a lightsaber. And no."
Man, the M.A.S.H. action figures are gonna be jealous of this set-up.
"I like to thank you all personally for helping me with this scuba mission. You, Kowalski, and you, the Ginger Billy Mays triplets."
Dude, get your hand out of its mouth and maybe it won't be so mad.
"Can we stop small children from using magnifying glasses on our faces? Yes we can! I will now inexplicably do that famous Nixon pose."
Don's looking a little more demure than he is dapper here.
Fat lot of help that guy on the left is.
"Ok. Just back away slowly back in the cockpit, Jeff. You can do this. Oh, god, it looks hungry."
Look out! He's got an invisible lead pipe!
Please, anything but chopsticks again...
"I thought you said excercise. Nope, I'm out. I don't care if you think I'm a coward, the crap is scary as hell."
Bella's only real competition.
God, now two of them aren't helping.
Yeah, it's easy to smile when your butt is actually attached to the girder.
Even Lego Maradona is a cheater.
Looks like Lego Jesus is having some sort of altercation with a Lego Mormon.
If only people with monocles still went to sporting events.