paul yarrow
Online, photobombing is an art. Just ask the squirrel that tore up the internet when he interrupted a couple's honeymoon just one year ago -- he knew what he was doing.

And so does Paul Yarrow, a burly bloke from South London who has created a stir by showing up in the background of several news reports, as seen in the video after the jump. Funny thing is, dude's not just being silly, either. In fact, he told The Evening Standard that he's making "a statement about the image conscious media."

Says Yarrow:

Here I am. I am sorry I don't have a suit and that I am not lovely and slim. Being overweight I get ignored. I could have a valid point about something but the microphone is always passed to the person alongside me.

The point I am making is that the more you push me aside, the more I'm going to be determined to make my presence known.
Okay, so he's serious. But the montage of Paul Yarrow "making his presence known" is pretty darn funny.