Leonardo Dicaprio Inception
You've already seen a bunch of Inception meme images. Now Leonardo DiCaprio's movie about dream invasion is invading the web in video form, too.

We've been sent so many Inception vids in the past few weeks that there was no way to post them all individually, so here are some of the best we could find -- from comedy skits to clever musical observations to the inevitable cat video. Here are the web's very best Inception parodies and remixes.
This isn't really a spoiler, I think, because everyone already knows about the credit-less tease of an ending in Inception. Well, CollegeHumor's parody extended ending drags that tease out even longer. Arrrrgh! We'll never know what really happened!
This dramatic cat video is set to Hans Zimmer's iconic music from Inception. Use it wherever you need a dramatic cat. BONNNNNNNG. BONNNNNNNG.
Inception Music Comparison
Someone on YouTube proved that the famous "evil foghorn" music in Inception is a slowed down version of Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien' which is the musical cue the extractors use to get out of the dream. It's a little bit of a modification on composer Hans Zimmer's part, but he was clever to build the score on the Piaf song.
Toy Story 3: Inception Mashup
Inception meets Toy Story 3 in this mashup movie trailer. See a whole list of Inception mashups with other movies over at Moviefone.
In this parody video from Ibish Comedy on Funny or Die, the extractors' mission goes wrong when Chris's subconscious gets out of control and ridiculous things start to happen. Candy sandwiches, anybody?
Bill and Ted's Excellent Inception
This movie trailer mashup wasn't on the Moviefone list, but we found it pretty impressive anyway. It's kind of amazing how easy it is to believe that Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was all a dream!
Inception in 30 Seconds
This isn't really a spoiler, it just pokes fun at the movie by summing up the premise as "dreaming about dreaming about dreaming about dreaming." That's pretty accurate, I suppose. Anyway, it's well-executed parody of a good movie that takes itself too seriously sometimes.