axe cop and dr. mcninja crossover poster
Axe Cop. Dr. McNinja. They're two of the toughest - and funniest - characters in the world of webcomics, and now they're on a team! Axe Cop creators Malachai Nicolle (age 6) and his brother Ethan (age 29) are in the midst of a crossover storyline with Dr. McNinja's Chris Hastings (age 27).

We got in touch with these creators to find out how one of the coolest crossovers in webcomics history came to be -- and who would win in a fight between the ninja who is also a doctor and the cop who also has an enormous axe.

After you check out our interview, go read the first part of the story on the Axe Cop site. The conclusion will run next week on Dr. McNinja's site.
If they weren't On A Team, who would win in a fight?

Ethan Nicolle: I think that Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja are both throwbacks to the 80's and 90's... and unfortunately during that time ninjas were pretty easy to kill, especially if you had a sweet mustache. Not to mention the ability to become Axe Cop Fire. Sorry McNinja, I think Axey wins this one.

Christopher Hastings: Ethan is of course referring to the Inverse Ninja Law, which Dr. McNinja was actually a victim of in a recent story. So he raises a good point. But yeah, Axe Cop would win, because I'm pretty sure he's omnipotent.

How are the writing and drawing duties being split up?

Ethan: Chris sent me a treatment for a basic story and I went over it with Malachai. I wrote a ton of notes down and he expanded the story into all sorts of crazy random directions. I sent Chris the notes and he wrote up a script. We both followed the script very loosely and basically each of us is drawing 5 pages, and each of us is doing our translation of Malachai's rehashing of Chris's original idea. So... it's like a big awesome train wreck.

Chris: Except that nobody died or was injured.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja? What stats and ratings would you guys assign to them?

Ethan: I have to admit I have not caught up on Dr. McNinja. I just finished reading the first volume today and loved it. Chris is a little more willing to let his character fail then Malachai is. Malachai doesn't ever like to allow Axe Cop to take a punch in the face or have any good guys get killed, so he's made him pretty bullet proof. When all else fails, Axe Cop has friends with unicorn horns who can solve any problem, so that's hard to compete with.

Chris: If I were to make Dr. McNinja an RPG character, I'd probably give him all 20s. It seems the difference between Doc and Axe Cop there is that Doc just doesn't get the magical items in the inventory.

What other comics would you most want to do a crossover with?

: I would love to see Axe Cop cross over with Batman just because Axe Cop is sort of a wonky version of Batman. We wrote Axe Cop's origin story the same day we watched Mask of the Phantasm on my laptop, so we had the "crime killed my parents" origin fresh in our heads. I would also love to see Axe Cop team up with the Ninja Turtles and maybe do a crossover with Twilight... or more of an Axe Cop VS. Twilight. Oh yeah... and The Goon!

Chris: I would also enjoy teaming up with Batman or the Ninja Turtles as the top of the list. Or Robocop. Please, somebody let me write Robocop and Dr. McNinja.

How dangerous would you say this mission is, compared to previous 'Axe Cop' and 'Dr. McNinja' storylines?

Ethan: I don't think anything surprises Axe Cop or Dr. McNinja. They are pretty hardened crime fighters. I think it's just another day in the office.

Chris: Oh yeah, this mission's a piece of cake. They didn't even go into space or anything!

How much of each other's series have you each read?

Ethan: Like I said, I just finished volume one of the 3 available Dr. McNinja books today. I had read the first two stories available online before I got the books, but though I make web comics I do tend to prefer to read them on paper. I got all 3 books at Comic-Con and plan on reading them all soon. It's one of the few comics that causes me to laugh out loud.

Chris: Thank you, Ethan! I have read all of Axe Cop, and routinely get envious about everything about it.

For Malachai: do you want to be a full-time comics writer when you grow up? What other jobs would you like to have?

Ethan: Malachai has said that when he grows up he would like to be a wizard soldier, though he has also said he wants to write a jillion Axe Cop comics too. When we went to Dark Horse Comics for a meeting, after we left he said he wants to write comics when he grows up. I guess that he will probably have to be a wizard soldier who writes comics in his spare time.

Who would you pick to play Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja in a movie?

Ethan: Hmmm... I have always liked the idea of Daniel Day Lewis playing Axe Cop. Dr. McNinja... I have no idea. Maybe Michael Dudikoff with an Irish accent?

Chris: Oh, Lewis is a good one for Axe Cop! Personally, I saw Jon Hamm. I've always liked Sam Rockwell for Dr. McNinja. Doc's Irish American though, so no need for an accent.
What kind of music is playing when they take off together in the truck?

Ethan: Maybe 'The Final Countdown.' Or... if you ever heard that album the Ninja Turtles released via Pizza Hut in the early 90's, the song 'No Treaties'... or the Axe Cop theme song by Step Dad is pretty flawless.

Chris: I've had the Axe Cop theme stuck in my head the entire time I've been working on this, so definitely that.